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DiveRAID JJ-CCR Deco 40 (Level 2)




The DiveRAID JJ-CCR Deco 40 Diver program is a 40m decompression program for the JJ-CCR diver. This 4 day program covers the fundamentals of JJ-CCR diving, whilst completing decompression. This course emphases advanced decompression techniques including off board gas addition, and is completed predominantly in blue water. Overall this program provides the foundational knowledge to dive the JJ-CCR safely undertaking decompression diving to 40m. The course overview includes theory, unit building, land drills and 6 open water sessions totalling 6-7 hours of diving; ensuring you leave the program with high level of proficiency. The course price is inclusive of certification fees and boat dives, but does not include gas, sofnolime.